Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Look. A short story by Martin Cid

            The light illuminated the mirror when she looked at herself and saw some different eyes. Someone was beyond the mirror, she could distinguish its shadow. Just at the other side, there were other secrets hidden among medieval stones and a young Turkish woman was weeping in her harem. She loved her husband although she lived a future of boredom… repudiate!
But today she noticed some clear eyes taking care of her loneliness. Magic returned from the dark and the two women understand each other through centuries and countries.
‘Look back.’
The mirror contains all your souls.
In the background, the jealous husband was waiting for killing her. ‘Look back.’
The young Turkish woman saw the knife and ran away escaping from her death because she felt for a first time strong and accompanied.
If you look further, you can see your true being.  

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  1. Bulls eye with this short story. You really "painted" the atmosphere with words.Very good.Keep writing these great stories.