Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rocinante, don Quixote's horse

Rocinante in Madrid
Skinny, emaciated, thin and tired, the good horse is riding to the afterlife. We are in La Mancha, in the middle of the yellow Spain, old country of dreams: where else? Only the voice of centuries can explain what is the meaning of a skinny horse travelling through silent words.
Rocinante does not represent the silly loyalty of an animal following its crazy owner, a knight out of the books of chivalry. Rocinante is the wise traveler who knows that the value of a trip is simply to learn to live and to die, and to achieve the afterlife in appropriate conditions to start again: it is the eternal return.
Cervantes’ main character is Rocinante, because La Mancha is a desert of wheat, don Quixote is the ghost of its questions, Sancho Panza is the sad reality and its goal is to understand the meaning of the existence.
It is not worth rebelling, it is not worth pausing, if it does not learn now, it will learn afterwards.
Martin Cid 

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