Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Martin Cid last novel

Martin Cid last novel
A Romantic poet is living his last days in a psychiatric hospital. Shadows and voices appear around him. They belong to the greatest writers: Cervantes speaks clearly but he is envious of the players’ success. Teresa de Jesus writes mystical sentences in her convent but she has luxurious thoughts. James Joyce is the best in spite of his personal vicious. Borges is  avaricious of knowledge and Galdos feels the wrath of mankind…
They are 7 great writers with 7 great sins… with 7 great gifts. In the end, the Muses will overcome this confusion to create a complete world of fiction and reality: are not them a same thing?
More: http://www.martincid.com/english/novels.php : ‘Eminescu’s 7 Sins’

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